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“Locked Out of Their House” (and Apple Pie)

Hey Martin, this just happened to me last week. I was working patrol and was dispatched to assist an elderly couple, mid to late 70’s and papa was on oxygen. They had locked themselves out of their house and had their car running to keep them warm. (I was the only swat guy on my shift trained by YOU). I was able to pick their dead bolt and get them inside the home within a few minutes. I left two very happy customers.

A day later, I was dispatched back to the same house. Papa answered the door with a smile and told me to follow him. I walked into the kitchen and Mama was pulling out a fresh and hot homemade apple pie. I have never had a better pie in my life!!! I was nice enough to share it with my shift… There still are Nice loving people in this world.
-Michael B.