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“Loaded Handguns”

Our Task Force was recently looking for an individual wanted for Attempted Murder and Felonious Assault from a drive-by shooting in which 4 people were shot. Our lead investigator developed an address on Cleveland’s West Side, a 4-unit multiple family home. We surrounded the house and determined the upstairs front unit was associated with our target. After we knocked, a man popped his head out of the upstairs unit and was told to come to the door. A few minutes went by with no one answering the door so we made the decision to pick the locks, though we could have shredded the door in all likelihood. The front door, which led straight upstairs, had 2 locks, standard door handle lock and deadbolt, and I picked them both in under a minute. Realizing there was nowhere to go, 3 male subjects, our original bad guy and two others, surrendered to our Task Force.

We went into the apartment to make sure no others were present and found 2 loaded handguns in plain view (.357 Magnum and S&W 9mm semi-auto), spare magazines, box of .357 ammo, digital scales, and other drug paraphernalia. Turned out the other 2 individuals had felony warrants and were arrested, as well. We pick so many locks here that it’s almost routine.
– Tony G.