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Our Class

Lock Picking and Specialized Entry Techniques is an intense two-day course that focuses on real-life uses for lock picking and lock bypassing. Covert entry skills offer the law enforcement officer and military operator multiple entry opportunities that may otherwise go undiscovered.

These concepts lend themselves to multiple scenarios ranging from stealth entries to welfare checks. The training will expose the officer to a large sample of locks that are representative of the locks that they will be encountering in the field. Particular attention is paid to the utilization of everyday items that can be used to assist in entries.

Topics include the following:


Picking techniques with extensive hands-on practice of over 150 locks
Bypass techniques using both manufactured tools and common everyday items
Ethical and legal considerations
Electronic locks, magnetic locks, keypads, mechanical locking devices
Physical security assessments prior to entry
Lock types and nomenclature
Vehicle entries
Exposure to residential knobs and deadbolts along with commercial locks and padlocks
Determination of lock brands
Development of custom tools
Acquiring working keys

Tuition: $395

All necessary tools will be provided. Every student will be given a syllabus and supplemental digital information that can be accessed on any smartphone at any time. The supplemental digital information includes valuable reference material. Upon graduation, each student will receive their own professional pick set.

What to Expect:



Overview of technical entry
Ethical and legal considerations
Theory of picking and picking techniques
Familiarization of lock picking tools
Basic bypassing techniques
Extensive hands-on lock picking

(At the conclusion of day one, students are encouraged to take home their practice picks and a sample of locks to continue practice on their own time.)


Extensive hands-on lock picking
Advanced bypass techniques
Special applications and considerations

The final exam will consist of each student going through a series of scenarios by applying both picking and bypassing skills that they have developed during the course. The stages of the scenarios are arranged by realistic applications that the student will encounter in the field. The student will be expected to determine the proper strategy and technique in order to pick or bypass the lock. The scenarios are progressive, building upon an initial entry strategy and will culminate in the student making a final entry into a storage container, such as a fire safe or a strongbox.

After the final exam, students are encouraged to ask any questions that may have developed during the culmination exercise. Graduation certificates will then be issued to the new technical entry specialists.

Course Hours:

8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.